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Pre & Post Op Surgery Supplies

Hello everyone! Due to many request I finally got a Surgery List together. These are some basic things that I have found helpful not only for myself, but for my clients during pre and post op recovery. You can click the links to purchase them directly from Amazon!!! Please feel free to share anything that you may have found helpful that I didn’t list here. I’ll will add it to the list.

Abdominal Board(Front Compression)

Abdominal Binder(Tummy Tuck)

Arnica Tea(Swelling & Bruising)

Arnicare Arnica Tablets(Swelling & Buising)

Arnica Arnica Gel(Swelling & Bruising)

Backboard (Short)-Back Compression)

Backboard(Long)-Back Compressrion

BBL Pillow Set(Sitting)

Belly Button Plug(Lipo & Tummy Tuck)

Benadryl Gel(Post Op Itching)

Bromelain Pills(To decrease Swelling)

Compression Socks(Prevent Blood Clots & Swelling)

Drain Holder(Prevents drains from being pulled on)

Ensure(Surgery Nutritional Drink)

Floridex Iron Supplement(To help raise Hemo)

Heal Fast(Pre & Post Op Nutrition)

Hibiclens(Shower Day before surgery& morning of)

Lipo Foams(Compression)

Lymphatic Drainage Drops(To help with cleansing lymphatic system)

Massage Roller(Self massage-between massage appointments)

Pedialyte Packs(Post Op Hydration)

Poise Pads

Silicon Tape(To help scars)

Stool Softner

Chux Pads(Underpads)-protect linen from fluids

Female Urinal(BBL)

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